Database Setup    
IMPORTANT: If the database settings are incorrect, the site won't work!
Host Name Enter the host's name (in most cases, it's localhost)
Database Name Enter the database's name, as you have chosen it when you installed the database on the server
Database User Enter the database's username
Database Password Enter the database's password
Site Setup    
NOTE: The Site Settings and Default Admin Settings can be changed from the site's admin area at any time
License Key Enter the license key that was provided when you have purchased PHP Pro Bid
Site Name Enter your site's name (eg. PHP Pro Bid)
Site URL Enter your site's URL (eg.
NOTE: You must enter the "http://" statement before your address, and a slash at the end of the address;
for eg is invalid!
Correct Value:
Admin Email Enter your admin email (eg.
NOTE: This email will be used by the script to send emails, so all your users will reply to this email
Default Admin User Setup    
Username Enter the default username to access the site's admin area
Password Enter the password for the default admin user
Confirm Password